The Top 10 “Must Read” Blog Posts by Next Level Hard Money Lender (Philadelphia)

Legacy Capital is all about providing the capital and confidence real estate investors need to take their businesses to the next level. Here are top of our most read blog posts that we think could be helpful to you as well. If you want to grow your real estate investing business, start with these tips from the next level hard money lender (Philadelphia).


#10. In Case of Recession… Rethinking Investing, Fix and Flip Financing Philadelphia

How should investors who operate their real estate investing businesses with hard money financing prepare for an economic shift downward? Real estate investors who came out of America’s last recession successfully followed four rules.


#9. Market Cycles: What Happens When The Market Changes?

It’s our belief that there’s no good or bad time to be investing in the housing market. It’s more a question of what strategy will work best given where the market cycle is right now.


#8. The Buy and Hold Strategy to Create Infinite Wealth

Doug Fath and Jeff Greco believe you can use the buy and hold strategy to create infinite wealth. With project funding from a hard money lender Philadelphia this strategy will keep your real estate portfolio growing.


#7. The 4 Best Areas to Flip Houses in Pennsylvania

Did you know that four out of the top five cities in America giving house flippers their highest average gross return on investment are located right here in Pennsylvania?


#6. Where to Buy in Philadelphia When You Can’t Buy Where You Want to Buy

Some neighborhoods in Philadelphia have been hot for real estate investing in the last few years and getting hotter. We look at possible alternative neighborhoods that are not quite as hot yet.


#5. Real Estate Investing with Hard Money Lenders in Delaware County PA

For investors focused on cashflow, there are tons of opportunities to flip and invest in Delaware County, the fifth most populous county in Pennsylvania and yet the third smallest in area.


#4. Finding Real Estate Investing Opportunities & Hard Money Lenders in Chester County PA

Investors who buy, rehab slightly and rent out have been finding good opportunities in West Chester, Phoenixville and Kennett Square.


#3. Montco Real Estate Investing and Financing from Hard Money Lenders in Montgomery County PA

In this article we look at whether real estate investing could take off in Norristown, but also, in contrast, mention other investment opportunities in the county.


#2. Multifamily Real Estate Investing with Hard Money Lenders in Bucks County PA

After considering the benefits of multifamily real estate investing, we look at where you’re more likely to find these investment opportunities in Bucks County.


#1. How To Stop Doing Everything In Your Business

If you’re doing everything in your business, you’ll want to watch this video in which Doug Fath and Jeff Greco discuss how to stop doing everything in your business. After interviewing several of their real estate investor clients who love what they do and want to continue to grow and scale their businesses, Doug and Jeff put together this valuable talk.


Information is power! So, if you want to be a more successful investor, make sure to dig into the info above from next level hard money lender Philadelphia, and start creating more wealth in your investing business!

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