Common Investor Questions

Are you looking at putting your capital to play and have more questions about hard money lending?  Excellent, below are a few of the most common questions investors ask us. Feel free to give us a call at (215) 600-3419 or contact us through email if you have other questions or want to discuss your options.

  • What is hard money lending?
  • Why do you need my money?
  • How much money will I make?
  • Is my money safe?

Q. What is hard money lending?

A. Great question! Hard money lending is when a loan is provided that is backed by some form of asset (a “hard asset”). At Legacy Capital, LLC, we’re hard money lenders for real estate investors and our loans are backed by real estate.

Q. Why do you need my money?

A. Another good question. We’ve been lending hard money since 2011 (and operating as Legacy Capital since 2015). Along the way, we’ve found that many people like to diversify their income and invest in alternative ways to earn a return. We know our lending model works well, since we’ve been doing it for years, so we act as a “matchmaker” between borrowers and investors who might not otherwise have a chance to benefit from each other.

Q. How much money will I make?

A. Great question… we love helping investors like yourself receive above market returns while reducing their risk and welcome the opportunity to talk in more detail with you. Please go ahead and fill out the form below to schedule a time to talk.

Q. Is my money safe?

A. This is why investors love working with us. All loans are backed by an asset and a personal guarantee from the borrower. All borrowers must pass a rigorous list of qualifications before they are approved for the loan. Although no loan is every guaranteed 100%, you have the confidence that the money will very likely be paid back and, if it’s not, you have an asset as the guarantee. Click here to view the borrower qualifications.

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