Why Philadelphia House Flippers Are First-Time Home Buyers’ Last Hope

First-time home buyers struggle to find homes in decent neighborhoods that are move-in ready and affordable. Often there are homes available, but not at prices that most buyers applying for their first mortgage could possibly afford. New construction is not meeting this demand for starter-homes. Philadelphia house flippers are the last hope for first-time home … Continued

5 Ways to Discover Up and Coming Neighborhoods Philadelphia

Appreciation is like icing on the cake. It’s not uncommon to hear buy-and-hold real estate investors who are focused on cashflow to make that claim. It makes sense if you have multiple properties each generating around $300 in monthly cashflow. But who doesn’t want MORE icing on their cake? When you invest strategically in up … Continued

7 Tips For Choosing The Best Areas to Invest in Philadelphia

Buy a rental property in one of the best areas to invest in Philadelphia and you’ll see get monthly cashflow while growing your long-term wealth. The tenants pay rent which pays down the mortgage and builds up your equity on an asset that is appreciating over time. Sounds good, right? So we have seven tips … Continued