Probate House Rehabbing with Fix and Flip Funding Philadelphia

Probate houses can be great for rehabbing with fix and flip funding Philadelphia. People die every day in Philadelphia and many of them leave behind houses that cannot be easily sold on the retail market. When the person has a will, an heir or the executor will be responsible for an estate sale which often … Continued

Where to Buy in Philadelphia for Maximum Return on Investment

You’re flipping houses to make money so where to buy in Philadelphia for maximum return on investment is a big consideration. Neighborhoods that are currently being revitalized just as we’ve seen happen in Brewerytown, Point Breeze and Kensington is where you want to be flipping houses. Fortunately, Philadelphia is a great city for flipping and … Continued

Capital and Confidence: Rethinking Your Choice of Private Money Lenders for House Flipping Philadelphia

Capital—getting more of it—is why you turn to private money lenders for house flipping Philadelphia. But aren’t you really looking for more than just capital? You’ve got your real estate investing business up and running—running so well that you’ve been funding deal after deal with private money lenders for house flipping Philadelphia. We think you’re … Continued

Student Housing Rehabbing with Fix and Flip Financing Philadelphia

House flippers that are not rehabbing houses for student rentals with fix and flip financing Philadelphia are missing out on a huge opportunity! Buy-and-hold investors are making a lot of money from student housing in this city. It’s lucrative! Many of these investors are eager to buy more and better student housing. Three factors suggest … Continued

4 Tips to Getting Financing for Flipping Houses Philadelphia

Great news! It’s not hard getting hard money financing for flipping houses Philadelphia. You may be looking for a hard money loan, but know this: hard money lenders are also looking for you. We want to finance solid real estate investing deals. Here are four tips to help you make sure you can secure financing … Continued