The Infinite Wealth Process

The Infinite Wealth ProcessTM was designed to give you greater clarity & confidence when it comes to your wealth and your money. It’s a process that allows you to be in control, create extraordinary returns with your money and time and use the tax laws to keep as much of your money as possible.


The Infinite Wealth ProcessTM has 4 phases:

  • Asset Criteria – Infinite Wealth TriangleTM
  • Asset Acquisition
  • Value Maximizer
  • Re-Finance

Here is how we have specifically applied the Infinite Wealth ProcessTM to real estate:

Asset Criteria – We start with the end in mind, making sure that our asset will produce the results mentioned in the Infinite Wealth Triangle. For our real estate deals we want to make sure that the property will create cashflow and that we have a minimum of 25% equity in the deal. We use the Investing In Cashflow Tool to help us analyze our real estate deals to determine whether or not the deal fits within the Infinite Wealth Triangle.

Asset Acquisition – During this phase we deal with everything that has to do with acquiring the asset. This will include everything from simply finding a deal, to putting it under agreement, doing our due diligence, arranging financing all the way through closing on the piece of property.

Value Maximizer – The purpose of this phase is to do what we can to maximize the value of the asset. Often times with real estate we are able to maximize the value of the asset by increasing income. This can include renovating the building and putting in tenants at market rent. It can also include adding coin laundry facilities or other amenities that will enable you to increase your Net Operating Income.

Re-Finance – Once you have maximized the value of the building, you should have created enough additional value that you can re-finance and receive your initial capital contribution back.
Now you own the asset, are receiving cashflow every month, have equity in the asset and don’t have any of your own money in the deal.

As if that weren’t good enough one of the things I love about real estate are the tax benefits you receive.  When you combine the Infinite Wealth ProcessTM  with real estate, we are able to receive tax free money every year, thanks to depreciation.   To see this process in action and to learn how to generate infinite returns click here.

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