Secrets to Scaling Your Real Estate Investment Business

If you’re truly passionate about your real estate business, you’ll want to pay close attention to the tools that will allow you to scale it over time.

There are numerous systems available, many for free, that can help ensure your business is growing like it should. If you’re truly interested in seeing your business grow, expand, and see more success, these programs are must-haves.

Check out a few of our favorites below…

#1: Document Storage Solutions

There are a ton of free apps out there to help you systemize your business. You can now easily save, store, and share files on the cloud thanks to applications such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Google Drive is a cloud storage device that is connected to other Google services, allowing you to access stored files from multiple devices. Dropbox operates similarly, with access from virtually any internet-connected device.

These solutions can help systemize your business by allowing you to access your photos, lead sheets, contracts, checklists and forms no matter where you are. Why is that useful? Because as an investor, you may be on the go a lot or perhaps you’re just constantly switching back and forth from several devices.

Fortunately, Google Drive and Dropbox make it easy to sync your files across all devices, too. No matter where you’re working or what device you’re using, you’ll have all the information you need.

Additionally, you can share files without the need to mail or email files to coworkers or potential buyers. Instead, just share the files directly from the cloud.

With Google Drive or Dropbox, you’re not left wondering where and how to access important documents. And, they are free to use. How convenient is that?

#2: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solutions

If there’s one tool that’s the absolute key to your success within the business, it’s a CRM system. It can be an incredibly daunting task to try to keep up with every one of your clients. There’s no doubt that at some point, you’ve lost vital information about a seller, no matter how seemingly unimportant it was at the time. A CRM solution can help prevent this problem.

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. Essentially, a CRM system stores contact information related to your business, along with providing a wide range of customer management tools and resources.

SalesForce is one of the most popular CRM solutions. You can easily store client contact info, sales opportunities, and other important data in one central database. You can then access this info from any computer or mobile device.

Another great CRM solution is Podio. Why? Well first, understand that Podio is essentially a database application that allows you to store a large amount of information.

That information can include everything from sellers, buyers, lenders, contractors, and properties to projects, meetings files, photos, and more. Each of those pieces of information is stored within Podio and can then be customized depending on the type of data you’re storing.

Plus, Podio has such a wonderful set of tools like task management, contact management, calendars, and chat, that it’s practically the go-to way to scale your business and communicate with others. Essentially, you’re getting a CRM solution along with communication tools.

#3: Internal Communication Solutions

In addition to using CRM systems to manage contact information, you should have a good system in place for team communication. Podio offers a diverse selection of tools, but for a complete internal communication solution, you might want to look for other options, such as Slack.

Slack is an online-based communication and task management system. You can create tasks, with detailed lists, notes, and attachments. It works seamlessly with other cloud storage solutions.

For example, if you’ve got files stored on Google Drive or Dropbox that you need to share with a team member through a task created in Slack. You can also use Slack to send email notifications to team members when a task is due or near the due date.

Basically, Slack offers a way to ensure rapid communication, assign tasks, and share files from multiple storage solutions. You can even create a checklist on what your salespeople need to do before a house goes on the market. Or, create any other guidelines that you want your team members to follow.

Along with Slack, you could consider using a program such as AWeber or MailChimp to handle internal communication.

While these two programs are mostly used for managing mailing lists, there’s no reason why you can’t use them for team communication. Instead of a mailing list of subscribers, you’ve got a mailing list of team members. Or, you could use them to keep in touch with business contacts and potentially grow your business.

AWeber and MailChimp also allow you to automate your emails and use autoresponders, as well as review just how well your email marketing campaigns are performing. It almost sounds too good to be true for a program to do all that, but it’s a reality!

There is one final piece of software that can be useful for scaling your business. This is the use of an online signature application.

When sending tax documents, contacts, or other legal documents that require a signature, an online signature program saves you the hassle of having to send the documents via mail or fax and then waiting for the documents to be returned.

Instead, you sign online and can send the document electronically. This is wonderful if you’re already using some of the cloud storage solutions discussed. And it’s incredibly useful for getting deals under contract when the seller lives out of town!

For online signatures, consider using RightSignature. Developed by Citrix, this program offers the fastest way to get documents signed. It’s easy to use. You simply upload your existing documents and then use a drag-and-drop feature to add the necessary form fields.

If you’re looking for a way to keep potential sellers & buyers organized, keep your team on the same page, and manage your files and documents, these programs are an absolute must.

Are you ready to scale and do more deals? You can’t expect to grow without a solid system in place for managing all these areas of your business.

Implementing these options now will go a long way toward doing more deals. I suggest trying them one at a time and seeing for yourself!

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