How To Find The Best Real Estate Networking Groups In Philadelphia

Going to see the movie Avengers: Infinity War won’t make you an Avenger, but going to a real estate networking group will help you feel like a real estate investor, especially if you’re new to the industry or you’ve been working solo. Let’s look at some reasons to check out real estate networking groups in Philadelphia, how to find them and what to look for in a group.

Why Join Real Estate Networking Groups In Philadelphia?

You can do a lot of real estate investing all on your own, but there are many benefits to networking.

Connecting with peers: Sometimes you can feel all alone as a real estate investor, especially when your friends and family really have no idea what you’re doing or why. Be assured you’re not the only wholesaler (or whatever it is you’re doing) in town. In good real estate networking groups, you’ll be meeting wholesalers, flippers, buy-and-hold investors, but also home inspectors, real estate agents, and possibly, title company reps and private money lenders.

Building your team: Networking with other real estate professionals gives you the opportunity work on building your team, getting to know home wholesalers, inspectors, and private money lenders that you could potentially work with in future deals. Hang out at enough meetings and you may also find peers to work with on joint ventures or a mentor/coach who could help you along.

Learning local information: Reading books on real estate investing is a great way to learn about the industry, but they won’t give you any local color. In local real estate networking groups you might learn about the re-zoning of an industrial part of the city for new housing development. You could hear flippers complaining that most of the houses built by Builder X have faulty plumbing systems. Maybe you’ll even discover why no one buys properties on a certain street (that info could save you thousands!).

How Do You Find Real Estate Networking Groups In Philadelphia?

A Google search for “real estate networking groups in Philadelphia” may identify some groups. BiggerPockets maintains a directory of real estate investment clubs (here’s Pennsylvania’s list). Be sure to ask other investors you know.

What To Look For In A Real Estate Networking Group

You may find groups that are more like round-table meetings where people swap stories and discuss strategies. You may find groups that are led entirely by a single investor who founded the group and shares his or her specific techniques (and they may have books, videos and training courses too). Or, you may find groups with diverse speakers who provide informative sessions on a wide range of topics. There are groups out there for everyone (or why not start your own?!?)

Investing can be a lonely or confusing business. Fortunately, there are many groups available. It’s worth your time and effort to find and join one of the good real estate networking groups in Philadelphia. Networking will take you further in real estate investing than you could go just by yourself.

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