Flip More Houses By Securing Financing From Hard Money Lenders In Montgomery County PA

You could do more deals and flip more houses by securing financing from hard money lenders in Montgomery County PA. Real estate investors find many ways of financing their deals, but hard money loans are certainly one of the best ways. Here are some scenarios where a hard money lender is the best financing option.

You need cash—get it from hard money lenders in Montgomery County PA

When you’re looking to buy a distressed house so you can fix it up and flip it, you need cash. It’s the cash offer that will persuade many sellers that now is the time to sell their house at a fair price given the condition that it is in. They’re not looking for offers subject to financing. The best wholesalers and rehabbers buy distressed houses at the best prices by offering fast cash. Hard money lenders in Montgomery County PA can give you that upfront cash you need to land the best deals on houses for flipping.

You need financing right away—that’s where hard money lenders in Montgomery County PA come in

Real estate investors looking to close deals with speed and efficiency should turn to hard money lenders. Banks do not understand the pace at which we have to move in this business. Hard money lenders have specially designed loan products for people in our industry. They’re looking to finance fix-and-flip deals. Yes, there’s still an application process, but much less red tape than the typical bank’s mortgage application process. You’ll be getting approval within a few days and cash in about a week to ten days. You could get in touch with a hard money lender before making an offer to better understand how that lender’s timeline and disbursement of funds will work.

You want to do more deals—and hard money lenders in Montgomery County PA can help

What is holding back your real estate investment business from doing more deals? Is it lack of capital? For example: maybe you’re flipping houses using $100,000 of your personal capital. You complete a project, sell the house, make a profit and then re-invest $100,000 into the next fix-and-flip. You work on one project at a time and try to minimize the gaps between projects. All the capital investment is yours and all the profit is yours, but you can’t scale this up very quickly. By using just $25,000 of your capital and money from hard money lenders in Montgomery County PA to secure your next distressed property, which will keep your personal capital available to invest another $25,000 of your capital with another hard money loan into the next distressed property, thus eliminating that gap between projects. In fact, using the same amount of your capital but splitting it up for four projects and adding hard money loans, you could get four deals running in different stages which could greatly improve your company’s efficiency.

Hard money lenders in Montgomery County PA are ready to help you in these scenarios so you can succeed in your real estate investment business. If you need money fast to close more deals and flip more houses, hard money loans can give you the financing you need to get your business to the next level.

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