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Is cash the only thing holding you back from doing more fix-and-flip deals? You need to find private lenders now! If you’re doing quality rehabbing and you have set up your marketing to give you a steady flow of deals, don’t limit yourself by depending only on your personal capital. You’ll quickly run out of available credit (and you may not want to hit up family and friends for cash either!)

You can find private lenders now who will give you the cash you need to close more deals, flip more houses and build up your real estate investment business.

Private lenders are non-institutional lenders that will issue loans for the purchase and rehab of an investment property. Deals are negotiated in different ways but usually at a fixed interest rate for a negotiable short term. They’re great for fix-and-flips as well as long-term investors looking for a rehab project, quick funding for a deal, or cash out refinancing.

The reason you may need to find private lenders now is because they are a great fund your investments.

  • They are much easier to deal with than banks.
  • They’re much quicker.
  • Private lenders are more concerned about the quality of the deal you’re presenting than your personal credit history (and some may not even check your personal credit).

Before handing you a check, they want to know that you know what you’re doing and you can flip houses for a profit. Just like the bank, their investment in your business will be secured by a first deed on the subject property; but unlike the bank, they will be open to funding more than one deal and they won’t by scared off by houses in need of serious repair.

You can find private lenders now by googling “private lender Philadelphia,” checking on Facebook, or going to your local real estate investor association meetings and asking around. Tell people what you’re doing and how your business works. Referrals by those in your circle can also lead to you finding good lenders.

Why now? Why is it so important to the future of your real estate investment business to find private lenders now? These kind of loans are more dependent on the quality of your relationships. You’re looking for people who believe in you as a real estate investor and they see the opportunity in the deal (versus a bank that typically just considers you by your credit rating and nothing else). You want them to be confident that when they loan you money for six months, they will get back monthly interest payments and the full repayment on time. Then you will be able to count them when you suddenly find a great new deal. They’ll want to fund your next project.

You’ve seen what you can do with just your own money. If lack of capital is the only thing holding you back from flipping more houses, making more cash, and growing your business, then find private lenders now and finally start growing! Show them what a good return they will receive by investing in your business. You can do more deals and do them faster by finding private lenders now who will be pleased to invest in you… and grow with you.

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