Advantages of Private Money Lenders for Residential Real Estate PA

Buying residential properties to fix up and flip or rent out takes capital. By leveraging your capital, though, you can scale your operation to flip more houses if you’re able to get financing from private money lenders for residential real estate PA. In addition to growing your business, there are many advantages of private money … Continued

Tips for Financing Your Next Flip with Private Lenders Philadelphia

Financing your next flip with private lenders Philadelphia is a great way to leverage your capital and work toward being able to acquire your next property while finishing the current flip. Increasing your deals and flips means more capital than can be leveraged to get more flips funded by private lenders Philadelphia and empower you … Continued

Why You Need an LLC to Deal with Rehab Money Lenders Philadelphia

Every now and then a real estate investor not wanting to miss out on a profitable real estate deal will apply for a hard money loan, only to hear of the requirement that the applicant have an existing US business entity (LLC, Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts, etc.). So the question is often asked: Why don’t rehab … Continued

What is the Best Place to Buy Investment Property in Philadelphia?

Every real estate investor wants to know the very best place to buy investment property in Philadelphia. Many Philly investors have been seeing high returns on their investments, especially in the last five years. There are good opportunities to invest in rental properties all across Philadelphia, whether you’re doing buy and hold with little to … Continued